Wheel Loaders

新的Cat®轮式装载机出售在OK & TX

With its exceptional productivity and versatility, a new wheel loader makes an outstanding addition to any equipment fleet. Also known as front-end loaders, these machines can dig, haul and transport even the heaviest loads. When you need a perfect solution for your material handling application, a Cat wheel loader delivers a whole new level of speed, 精度和耐久性.

As an authorized Cat dealer with locations throughout Oklahoma, 德克萨斯狭长地带和西德克萨斯, Warren CAT offers the widest selection of new wheel loaders and attachments in the region. 在线澳门新葡京博彩 或者今天打电话给我们 866-292-7736  了解我们新的轮式装载机型号.


Most wheel loader models consist of a front arm with a bucket to scoop, 在工地周围搬运重物. Wheel loaders serve many applications and industries, 包括建设, forestry, 废物管理和采矿. They're beneficial machines for moving everything from gravel to dirt to livestock feed.

Some of the types of wheel loaders we offer for sale at Warren CAT include:

The Cat Fusion™ Coupler system provides an easy transition between tools to add a new level of versatility to your machine. Some attachment designs compatible with wheel loaders include buckets, blades, grapples, forks and more.


Warren CAT has all your machine requirements covered, whether you need a compact wheel loader for a small job or a large model for a heavier-duty application. Our extensive selection of wheel loaders provides the perfect blend of power, 效率和通用性. From industry-leading fuel efficiency and emissions ratings to best-in-class operator comfort, there are many advantages to purchasing a new Cat wheel loader.


  • Hystat™ powertrain and load linkage deliver superior digging force with parallel lift.
  • Cat ACERT engines limit emissions and fuel consumption while providing exceptional power to conquer the most challenging tasks.
  • Performance buckets and ride stability produce the industry's fastest fill and cycle times.
  • Diminished ride vibrations and reinforced cab designs reduce operator distractions.
  • The wide variety of compatible attachments expands the flexibility of your machine.

Choosing Warren CAT as Your Construction Equipment Provider

Besides knowing that you've purchased the most durable and reliable equipment on the market, a partnership with Warren CAT will give you peace of mind well into the future. We strive to go above and beyond the initial sale by offering the region's leading heavy equipment service. Some of the advantages you'll see by partnering with us include:

  • 灵活的融资: 我们可以灵活定制 payment plan 具体到你的运营预算.
  • 最新Cat技术: Cat Connect and other modern innovations provide enhanced performance, efficiency and safety.
  • 优质的服务和零件供应: We offer a 配件齐全 and services throughout Texas and Oklahoma that provide the selection, 您需要的可用性和质量. 客户价值协议 are also available to help reduce maintenance costs, with customized and scheduled service plans to help prolong the operational life of your equipment.

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For more information about our new wheel loaders for sale, attachment availability or any of our other construction equipment solutions, call us at 866-292-7736 or 在线与我们联系 today.

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